Robert Martin

Robert Martin

Robert Martin (Bob or bobbyb!) works as a theater and film artist, community arts producer, cultural organizer, trainer, facilitator and teaching artist. He is passionate about using story, theater and media to create and collaborate in performance and art that is rooted in the needs, memories and possibilities of the community from which it is born.

Martin actively uses cultural organizing and story work to examine the intersections of various communities to build dynamic partnerships and to bring people into deep creative collaboration.

Martin works primarily with middle and high school levels developing theater, stories, digital stories and films. His work spans from creating original theater from a youth or community-based experience to using pre-existing text, plays and stories as a springboard for theatrical games, role plays and activities where a group can immerse themselves within a world. He also conducts intergenerational work with people of all ages in creating original devised theater using ensemble practice.

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