The Berea College Trace

Berea College Campus has so much to share.
In an effort to bring together everything Berea College has to offer, we welcome you to the Berea College Trace.
The Trace is the thread that weaves together Berea College history and future.
We invite you to come stay, shop, eat, learn and explore!

Stop in both campus retail stores for unique shopping experiences in addition to the many other shops in College Square.
The Berea College Visitor Center & Shoppe
The Log House Craft Gallery

Forest Outreach Center
Berea College Manages over 9000 acres of forest land and the reservoirs that provide Berea’s drinking water.
Hike and Paddle
19 miles of hiking available
The Pinnacles
Brushy Fork
Anglin Falls

151 acre lake open to non-motorized boats: Owsley Fork Lake

Farm Fresh to Fine Dining
For the best in southern Hospitality, dine in our famous Boone Tavern Dining Room.
Enjoy organic Farm to Table delicacies at The Berea College Farm Store.
Delight in a fresh smoothie at Smoothies on the Square.

College Square offers several places to satisfy your cravings.

Enjoy an exquisite night’s stay at the Historic Boone Tavern Hotel.
As a LEED Green certified hotel, you can expect eco-friendly comfort in addition to our Southern Hospitality.

Stop by the Visitor Center & Shoppe for more detailed information about locations within the Berea College Trace.


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