Linda Pigman Fifield

Linda Pigman Fifield

Raised in a large Appalachian family rich in traditional craft instilled in Linda a natural confidence to create. As an adult she has committed herself to a life of artistry.

For many years Linda sold her leather and beadwork at local and regional shows. The design of her unique beaded wooden vessels led to acceptance into the prestigious Smithsonian Craft Show in 1994 which provided access to a national market. The enthusiastic reception to these beaded vessels has resulted in their inclusion in a number of private, public and museum collections. An honor and highlight of Linda’s career came in 2015 when she received the KY Governor’s Award in the Arts.

After 45 years working as a professional, Fifield has honed several craft techniques. Since 2012 glass mosaic work has provided her latest artistic focus.

It pleases Linda to assist, instruct and encourage others on their path of creativity.

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