Katia Parrett

Katia Parrett

Katia is an artist and certified Zentangle® teacher trained by the founders Rick Robert and Maria Thomas in Rhode Island- Providence. Katia is from Brazil and has lived with her husband in Burnside, Kentucky since 2013. She always loved art and studied drawing in Brazil.

After moving to Kentucky, she began to paint with acrylic and soon discovered a passion for watercolor. In 2016 she attended a watercolor workshop with Robert Berger in Berea, Kentucky for 4 months. Some time later she found the Zentangle® website. Katia realized how much she really loves abstract art and how much the creation of this Zentangle® art can provide.

The art of Zentangle helped her to find out more about herself, and because of that she decided to take the complete training to become a CZT (Certified Zentangle® Teacher) so she could teach people how to create easy and beautiful images while helping them to relax and enhance their self-esteem and much more through the Zentangle® method.

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