Jessica cox

Jessica Cox floral shop owner of A Little Southern Class, wearing a black turtleneck, has blue eyes

Jessica Cox grew up in the floral business and from an early age played with scrap flowers and would create arrangements from her imagination. As she grew older, she became aware of different styles and techniques. She believes that with a little guidance, anyone can develop their own style and technique. It wasn’t until she opened her own floral shop, A Little Southern Class, that she really got to experiment and try new things with an array of flowers and forms. Jessica believes that floral design is a dying art that many may not explore because they assume they are not artistic, but just like with painting or other mediums, floral design has some very basic guidelines and the rest is developing your own personal preference and style. Jessica opened her florist shop, A Little Southern Class in August 2020, it is nestled in the Hotel Building the Artisan Village of Old Town.

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