Connie and Tony Adams, The Family Tree

Connie and Tony Adams, The Family Tree


Crafting together as a military family turned into a family-run shop of close to 30 years, appropriately named The Family Tree. Connie’s family moved to the area when her husband was offered a job at Eastern Kentucky University. They happened to stroll by the shop 21 years ago and noticed a FOR RENT sign in the window. Having run The Family Tree in western Kentucky for nine years, she says she never thought she’d own a shop in Berea but it all came together.


“It’s a family thing,” said Connie. “We are a military family, so we moved a lot and needed things to do while we were waiting to go wherever we had to go. So it just became something we all loved.”

Many of the products are made by the Adams family. What isn’t made by the family is crafted by local artisans.

“We make a lot of the products, as much as we can. Mostly fabric. A lot of wood. Some quilts. We try to stay local, if I don’t make it or my husband or my girls, we try to stay in Berea. I have a friend of mine who does the quilting.

Connie does the knitting, sewing, and fabric work, along with cane baskets.

“We’re always coming up with something new too so that’s fun,” said Connie.

Her knowledge sewing was passed down by her grandmother. “I used to make doll clothes with her when I was a little girl,” she said. “I wish she could see [the shop] today!”


Customers come in from all over and the shop’s local and regional customers continue to come back. Connie says they have a lot of people drop by as they travel up and down I-75, from Michigan to Florida and in between.

“It makes me very happy when people shop locally and do come to the smaller shops,” smiled Connie.

This fall, Connie and her daughter and granddaughter will have a booth at the Folk Art Christmas Festival Morehead in addition to the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen Fall Fair at Indian Fort Theatre.


The Family Tree is located at 202 North Broadway, Berea, KY.

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