Fabric Dyeing: Bound Resist and Soy Wax Batik
Fabric Dyeing: Bound Resist and Soy Wax Batik - July 18th from 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM - Price: $115
Workshop Instructor: Pat Sturtzel

Learn about using Procion MX Fiber Reactive dyes while creating an assortment of textile designs using bound resist (tie-dye/shibori) and soy wax batik techniques. These processes can be used on natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, silk, rayon, hemp, bamboo, linen or combinations of the above. Creating designs on fabric by binding off sections before dyeing has been used for centuries by a variety of cultures. Participants will learn about these techniques while creating an assortment of folds, wraps and bindings on up to 10 pieces of fabric (each 18” x 22”). The bound fabrics will be dyed using a low immersion process, while also exploring color mixing. Batik fabric designs will be created using soy wax to block off areas of cloth before dyeing. Compared to petroleum wax, soy wax is easier to wash out and is more environmentally friendly. Another yard of cotton fabric will be provided for these experiments. Participants who have taken the July 17th Textile Printing Processes can use the compressed sponge stamps that they created to apply a wax design. Additional tools will be provided for all participants to use.

• Location: Broadway Center Room 30 (Craft Room) - 204 North Broadway

• Date/Time: July 18th from 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

• Break: 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM (1.5 hours)

• Total Hours: 6 hours

• Price: $115.00 (Includes all materials, supplies and written instructions.) (See Notes below - Please bring protective gloves and other items as listed in Notes below.)

• Age: 18 & Up

• Difficulty: Beginner

• Class Size: 12 Max

• Take Home: Fourteen quarter yard pieces of hand dyed fabrics and written instructions to continue explorations at home.

• Notes: Please wear clothing that may get splashed with dye, bring an apron, protective gloves, a box of 20 quart size freezer zip-lock bags and a large bucket to carry home bags of dyed fabric.

• NOTE TO EDUCATORS: Educators attending this session will receive access to on-line cross-curricular resources, suggested classroom activities based on skills and concepts covered in session, and a certificate of participation for Professional Learning documentation.