Cari Norris

Cari Norris

Cari Norris has been a student, teacher and performer of old-time music for 30 years. As a young child she was rocked and sung to by her maternal grandmother Lily May Ledford over many extended bedtime rituals. These precious memories instilled in her a deep and abiding love of mountain music very much connected to the love she had for her grandmother.

Old-time music stirs her soul deeply and connects her with a sense of her ancestors reaching back into time. She has made it her work to share and teach this music both with children and adults and in many different settings from schools, festivals, concerts, nursing homes, and anywhere she is invited. It is an great honor to be in a lineage so rich with musical love. Cari sings in a direct high lonesome voice and plays banjo, dulcimer, and guitar. In 2019, Cari was selected as a Master Artist in the Kentucky Arts Council’s Folk Arts Apprenticeship program.

She also frequently performs with her father, songwriter, musician and author, Mike Norris and finds much joy in this musical collaboration. Together they perform both old-time music and original songs.

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