Stephanie Runyan

I am a ceramicist originally from Lancaster, Kentucky. Berea College called to me in early 2009 because of the astonishing Studio Art program they offer. I am a born artist, and knew from an early age that I wanted to build a career in the Arts. My inspiration stems from my childhood vacations at the ocean, and my genuine nature to listen and follow my own spirit.

In adulthood, imagination and positivity are vastly important to remember despite the tedium or frustrations of our everyday lives. It is a choice to see the world as either mundane or fantastical. Manifesting or accepting negative feelings like stress, defeat, or worthlessness can be the downfall in a person’s life. We can make a conscious choice of how we allow situations to affect us. When feelings of pure and utter bliss occur in our lives it is difficult to explain or express those feelings with words. The closest thing I can relate those feelings to is magic. My interpretation of magic or something that is “magical” means something beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life. I create magical works that embody lifeforms that allude to the sea and other parts of nature that may go unnoticed.

Our Berea - Stephanie Runyan