Marta Dorton

Colors and textures drive my art and my art making. This is evident in my acrylic paintings and form means of expression in my monotype and mix media pieces. After graduating from UK’s art department, I worked in the graphic arts in the sign industry. After that hiatus I returned to acrylic painting then found printmaking several years later. My artwork has been widely exhibited and my paintings are adjudicated into the Kentucky Crafted Program. My art studio is located in Lexington, Ky. I love the immediacy of monotype printmaking and the surprise that reveals itself after the image is transferred to paper. Not wanting to waste the prints that seemed unfinished, I began to adhere found elements to the pieces. I was hooked. Hooked focusing on balance and movement within the pieces and hooked looking at cast away items in a new light. My monotypes and printmaking-based mixed media pieces reflect my life desire to achieve balance, keep moving and create something beautiful.